The container-based platform for deploying IoT fleets

Comprehensive device deployment and management infrastructure, hosted by balena.
Balena Cloud
Your first 10 devices are always free and full-featured.
Device provisioning
Seamlessly add and configure devices for your fleet
Write your image, power up, and see your fully configured device join your fleet. Preload your image with your application code for even faster startup.
Easy provisioning
Network configuration
Unique IDs
Modern developer tools
Quickly prototype and test new features for your application
Iterate at web speed with familiar developer tools. Build your application in the language and distribution of your choice. Develop locally to get fast feedback.
Familiar technology
Language of your choice
Local development
We support 30 devices
We support the Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, Nvidia Jetson TX2 and many more device types. Using a different board? Get in touch and we will work with you to get it supported.
We speak your language
Get started easily with Node.js, Python, Golang, or any language of your choice.
Container Deployments
Docker container technology for safe, secure, and reliable updates.
Ship updates with a single command while your devices remain online and fully functional. Microservices architecture? We support multi-container applications.
Easy updates
Brick-safe deployments
Lightweight payloads
Remote fleet management
Keep track of all your devices from anywhere in the world
Benefit from full visibility into real-time device status and activity. Organize your fleet with tags and filters. Remotely configure and troubleshoot individual devices.
Device logs
Remote configuration
Group actions
Case Studies
The future of IoT is being built on balena
See how our customers are growing their fleets and getting to market faster with balena.
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Open ROV
End-to-end solution for the retail market
How Pact Coffee uses Raspberry Pis to ship upto 4k coffee packs a day
Pact Coffee
Using balenaCloud to bring customised photos to life
Figure Devices
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Balena Cloud
Flexible & transparent pricing
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The core of balenaCloud - free and open source
Use our building blocks to create your own device deployment and management platform.
Easy to use
Open source software to manage
IoT devices