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Write to multiple cards or usb disks at once, at extreme speeds.
Write to multiple cards or usb disks at
once, at extreme speeds.
Etcher is already the best and fastest way for writing to disk images, in fact it’s currently writing almost 2 million SD Cards & USB Drives per month! Now, we are working on a way for you to write to more devices, with the same ease of use and streamlined interface you have come to expect from Etcher, and completely independent from your computer.
EtcherPro is a stand-alone hardware device that allows you to write to multiple cards or usb disks at once, at extreme speeds. Compared to a traditional Disk Duplicator, EtcherPro is faster and less expensive, while at the same time easier to use and packed with features, so that you can do much more than just copy SD Cards.
Duplicate SD Cards, USB Sticks, External Hard Disks or from the Web to the targets.
Modular Expansion
Modular Expansion
Connect EtcherPros and expand up to 160 ports, while continuing to operate at full speed.
Insane Speeds
Insane Speeds
Up to 52 MB/s* per port when flashing 16 drives – the fastest writing speed on the market.
Automatic Updates
Automatic Updates
Your device will automatically improve over time, as we'll keep adding new features.
Medium of your choice
Duplicate up to 16 SD Cards, USB Sticks or External Hard Disks on each device or write an image file from the web, USB Stick or External Disk.
With EtcherPro it takes only a few taps.
Insane speed
Fastest writing speed
We built EtcherPro with meticulous attention to the hardware, to ensure the fastest writing speed available on the market today. Each EtcherPro can write with a speed up to 52 MB/s* per port when flashing 16 drives. When writing a single drive, EtcherPro can write with speeds up to 200 MB/s*.
*As long as the drive can support the speeds.
Modular expansion
Expand up to 160 ports
16 cards not enough? Good news! EtcherPro is modularly expandable. Simply connect two EtcherPro devices together, they will act as one device with 32 destination slots. If you want even more ports, just add more devices, and write to dozens of cards simultaneously.
EtcherPro can expand up to 160 ports, while continuing to operate at full speed. The whole stack can be powered up with only one power cable, as every device is power and data chained to the next. All cables are accommodated under the device.
Ergonomic design
Designed for usability
We wanted to offer a great experience when interacting with EtcherPro, after all, this is what the Etcher app is well known for.
The large touch screen and the slots are tilted towards the user for comfortable operation. When daisy-chained, only the screen of the leading device remains exposed and the whole stack behaves as one device.
Board adapter
Perfect fit for balenaFin
In addition to flashing drives, EtcherPro can also flash single-board computers* like the balenaFin.
*We support any Raspberry Pi based device that supports the USB boot flashing protocol.
Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy an EtcherPro and when will I receive one?
We are taking orders from the balena store. The EtcherPro is now in stock and ships within 1-2 days.

How much is an EtcherPro?
The price of an EtcherPro is $1190, not including any applicable taxes and shipping costs.

Where do you currently ship to?
Initially we are shipping to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We aim to add more areas as we move forward.

How many drives / devices can I flash?
Every EtcherPro can flash up to 16 drives at a time if you are flashing from an online source. If you are flashing from a physical drive, you would be flashing up to 15 drives at a time, as the first slot would serve as the source. In the daisy-chaining scenario, you would only require one slot to serve as a source to flash the entire stack, when flashing from a physical drive.

Am I able to flash different drives / devices (USB, boards, SD, microSD) simultaneously?
EtcherPro offers USB (type A), SD and microSD interfaces by default, so you can flash up to 16 different drives / devices simultaneously. For instance, you can flash a balenaFin, a USB drive, an SD card and a microSD at the same time, as long as there is only one target per slot, and the source being flashed is the same for all target types.

What drives / devices can EtcherPro flash?
EtcherPro supports USB (type A), SD and microSD interfaces, and can also flash single-board computers that are capable of being flashed via USB, as long as they are supported by Etcher. You can flash compute modules through carrier boards, for instance, flashing a Raspberry Pi CM3 through a balenaFin.

How can I know that EtcherPro can flash my drive / device?
EtcherPro runs our open-source data-flashing software, Etcher, which can flash any kind of data. If you want to make sure that Etcher is capable of flashing your drive / device, you can download the latest version of Etcher and test it on your system to ensure compatibility.

How many EtcherPros can I daisy-chain (stack)?
You can daisy-chain up to 10 EtcherPros, flashing up to 160 drives / devices without having power consumption safety issues.

How fast can EtcherPro flash drives / devices?
When writing 16 drives simultaneously, EtcherPro can write up to 52 MB/s per drive, while when writing just 1 drive, EtcherPro can reach up to 200MB/s, so long as the drive / device can support those flashing speeds.

Why did my file write faster than expected?
Etcher has a feature known as ‘trimming’ which can potentially accelerate the flashing of certain images by avoiding writing unused parts of ext partitions. As a result, you effectively get a bonus on the flashing speed.

Why did my file write slower than expected?
EtcherPro flashes all target drives simultaneously, as such, the speed is determined by the drive that writes slowest. If you flash 1 drive that writes slowly, and 15 fast ones, the slow drive will determine the overall write speed. To account for this, make sure that all the drives, including the source drive (if any), can write at least as fast as EtcherPro flashes (52MB/s for 16 drives). Oftentimes, the advertised speed for a drive is the reading speed, rather than the writing speed (which is much slower). If you are sure your setup is up to spec and you still have issues please contact us via pro@etcher.io

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